Gulou District Mayor Zhu Xunzhi visited our company to investigate the progress of key projects

Zhu Xunzhi, head of Gulou District of Fuzhou City, accompanied by deputy head Chen Bin and other main leaders of Gulou District Government departments, visited our company to investigate the progress of key projects in Fuzhou.

investigation, district chief Zhu xunzhi said that our company's "25G semiconductor laser chip for 5G base station" project has been recommended as a key promotion project in Fuzhou and included in Fuzhou's 100-day sprint plan. the district party Committee and district government will do their best to give project support and assistance!

Company, reported on the project. 5G network has become a strategic project to promote construction in China, but it is subject to the United States and Japan on various core chips. The 25G laser project initiated by the company this time is mainly to solve this problem. At present, the company's 25G laser chip project has entered the end of research and development, has been produced in many batches of chips, in terms of performance and other indicators, are to meet the current use standards. The company has also cooperated with many customers to verify and optimize the products, and I believe that the products can be transferred to mass production soon. Therefore, the focus of the current project is to expand the equipment, optimize the structure of the production line, improve the degree of automation. I believe that after the completion of this project, it will not only benefit the company, but also the country!

After listening to the report on the progress of the project, Zhu Xunzhi looked at the samples already produced by the company and marveled at the development of science and technology. The hair-sized optical chip turned out to be one of the core components to promote the construction of 5G project. On the other hand, it is also hoped that the company can rely on the advantages of "good technology and good industrial prospects", stand on the tuyere of scientific and technological manufacturing, and accelerate the implementation of projects and mass production of products.

, the district chief directly carried out on-site office work, carried out on-site coordination in view of the problems and difficulties encountered by the company in the process of carrying out the project, designated special personnel to follow up and handle the project, and completed the process within a time limit, which was efficient, valuable and practical to help the enterprise.

Created on:2020-02-08

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