Guo Xuejun, Deputy Director of Fujian Economic and Information Commission, visited our company for inspection and guidance.

Guo Xuejun, deputy director of Fujian Provincial Economic and Information Commission, accompanied by the main leading comrades of the Urban Economic and Information Commission, visited Fujian Zhongke Optical Core Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. for inspection and guidance.


Guo Xuejun, deputy director of the company, wore purification factory clothing, went deep into the company's first-line production workshop, visited the country's first active optical chip micro-nano processing production line, and listened to the company's chairman and general manager Su Hui's report on the domestic "optical chip" situation, Learn more about the industrial chain, production process and technological innovation of the "optical chip. The development of high-tech industries between China and the United States and the domestic alternative routes of optical chips were discussed in depth.



, Deputy Director Guo Xuejun fully affirmed the company's adherence to the development route with technological innovation and technological revolution as the core, and said that the communications industry is the country's strategy. He hopes that the company can firmly grasp the "broadband China", "safe city" and "smart city". The pace of national construction will steadily expand the output and further expand the influence of the only domestic "optical chip.



Created on:2020-02-16

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