Data Center Solution

The bursting of traffic in the cloud data center has driven the operating rate of optical modules to escalate and accelerate and is currently in the process of upgrading from 100GB to 400GB or even 800GB. All the export data of the data center in the future will need to undergo internal massive calculations (especially the rise of internal traffic/export traffic of AI, VR, and other applications), the rapid increase of data transmission within the data center, and the flattened data center architecture. Litecore has greatly increased investment in technical R&D and production base for mass production of 25G, 100G, 200G, 400G optical modules.

After more than a decade of development, the SAN has matured and become the actual standard in the industry. However, the fiber-switching technologies of various vendors are not identical, and the server and SAN storage have compatibility requirements. Litecore provides optical module solutions that are compatible with switches and servers from various manufacturers to perfectly meet the compatibility requirements of different manufacturers.