Integrated Tunable Laser Module (ITLA) has excellent optical properties such as high output power stability, high side mode rejection ratio (SMSR), ultra-narrow laser linewidth, low relative intensity noise (RIN) and high wavelength control accuracy. These high specifications make ITLA very suitable for advanced optical communication systems, testing and measurement, and optical fiber sensing network applications.
  • features:

    software and hardware comply with OIF Micro-iTLA MSA specifications

    light output power can reach 17dBm

    SLD external cavity solution with low noise and narrow linewidth

    double etalon Vernier mold selection, completely covering C/L/U-Band

    coaxial airtight package, optimized optical design

    Targeted heat dissipation enhancement, full temperature and high power operation

    Supply chain security, self-made SLD and lithography Etalon

    Wavelock, mPD, and TEC are built-in

    GR-468-CORE authentication application