sales manager

monthly salary range:

job responsibilities:
1. Collect market information, understand market demand and price information, make advanced analysis and implement effective market plans based on the company's situation and the relevant situation of competitors;
2. Formulate sales plan and marketing plan, summarize and coordinate the supply demand plan and formulate the supply allocation plan; Reasonable control of department expenses to reach the cost target set at the beginning of the year;
3, according to the market and customer conditions, the implementation of effective promotion programs, improve sales, explore the company's product selling points and promote;
4, customer development, determine the customer development plan, business negotiations, follow the customer to pay back, reduce the company's receivables risk;
5. Customer maintenance, improve customer relationship files, systematically organize and analyze customer historical data, and provide reference for company decision-making.

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in physics, optics, electronics, semiconductor devices;
2. At least 5 years of sales/technical work experience in photoelectric industry, familiar with optical communication industry, accept business trip;
3. Strong sense of responsibility, strong communication and management ability, clear goal orientation and pioneering spirit.

Fuzhou Shenzhen/Wuhan

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