sales engineer

monthly salary range:

job responsibilities:
1, according to the company's product situation and superior arrangement, collect market information, understand market demand, price information, summary feedback to superior;
2, according to the superior arrangement, track reliable customer information, carry out business negotiations and product sales work, complete the sales target;
3, according to the customer order, submit the contract signing application, do a good job in customer communication and contract signing tracking;
4, receivables follow-up confirmation, product quality abnormal feedback processing, contract document management and other work.
5, do a good job in customer relationship maintenance, effectively and timely handle customer complaints and inquiries, improve customer relationship files.

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in physics, optics, electronics, semiconductor devices is preferred;
2. At least one year of sales/technical work experience in photoelectric industry is preferred, and excellent fresh graduates are accepted;
3. Strong sense of responsibility, strong communication and management ability, clear goal orientation and pioneering spirit.


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