chip research and development engineer

monthly salary range:

job responsibilities:
1, engaged in chip, semiconductor research and development or mass production project optimization design, process development and testing;
2. Compile and integrate all kinds of data in project development to form a complete project file;
3, timely analysis of the abnormal in the process of project development, put forward suggestions and opinions;
4, the epitaxial chip growth quality optimization design and further development;
5, complete other work items arranged by the superior leadership.

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in optics, physics, materials, microelectronics and other related fields is preferred, good English;
2. At least three years of chip-related research and development experience, with the ability to analyze and optimize semiconductor and chip production processes;
3. Familiar with the working principle of semiconductor laser mode, familiar with the function and design of semiconductor optical film system, familiar with MOCVD growth of III/V semiconductor materials;
4, familiar with matlab, matchcad, Rsoft, zmax software, familiar with labview, igor or VB instrument control command writing.


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